Tri-Norse Fall 2014 Tourney

On September 21, the Tri-Norse Ski Club held its fall camp and jumping tournament.  The rain was cooperative – starting Saturday evening & again for a little while on Sunday morning – but moved off before the competition.  

Three jumpers participated on the 5k & 10k hills – congrats to Olivia Kurtzweil (Tri Norse) on the 5k and Chloe Arneson (Tri Norse) & Maxim Glyvka (Norge) on the 10k wins.

Two women participated on the 52k – Hana Schrock (Itaska) won with 81.2 points & Faith Kocher (Norge) took second with 58.3 points.

There were seven male participants on the 52k – First place went to Hunter Smith of Norge with 178.2 points, Ben Kaiser (Norge) took second with 162.6 points & Ben Dowling of the Flying Eagles came in third with 162.4 points. Thanks to Tracey Dowling for the photo.

Congrats to all the participants!  The Tri-Norse Club held a great event & had wonderful hospitality for all the participants & their families – Thanks for a great weekend of skiing!  (Click here for full results)